Air Conditioning and Heating

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When you need service call (850 434-5196


Call MD Air Conditioning and Heating when:


You have not had service in more than a year.

Your home will not get cool or warm enough.

Your unit will not stop running.

There is water in the heater closet, under the heater

closet, or adjacent to the heater closet.

Circuit breaker or fuse has tripped more than one time.

Frayed or bare wires around the A/C unit.

A room hotter than the other rooms.

High electric or gas bills.

You want to move the unit to build a patio or get A/C

out of the way.

Loud equipment or noises.

A burning smell.   

You want a free estimate.





Many times a service call can be prevented by checking a few things.

    1. Is your filter clean.



    2. Check the circuit breaker. 







3.  Is your thermostat turned to Heat (or Cool)? Is the

         fan switch in the "Auto" position?

A clean filter is the most important factor you can control. A dirty filter makes your system work harder and less efficient which costs you more to operate. Dirty filters will cause dirt, dust, and pet dander to sneak around the filter and clog up the evaporator coil.  A dirty evaporator coil can freeze up in the summer, smell year around, and cause the condensate drain line to back up spilling water on your floor.



Bad weather or power fluctuations can cause a circuit breaker to trip. However, if a breaker or fuze trips more than once be sure to call us. This is the sign of a problem.

Circuit breakers could be found on the heater, in the heater closet, in a panel with the other breakers or fuses, and/or below the Gulf Power Meter outside.




Make sure the thermostat is set correctly. Most digital thermostats have a built in "delay" that protects the compressor. Wait atleast 5 mins for the delay to pass. We recommend keeping the fan switched to "auto". This allows the fan to operate along with the heat or A/C. The "on" position allows the fan to run 24 hrs a day which in most cases is not to your benifit.