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Free Estimates for New Equipment

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MD Air Conditioning and Heating will give you a free estimate if you are looking to replace your Heater or Air Conditioner. We will give you a written estimate that will explain your options and the choices you have when replacing your equipment.  Use this free service to get a 2nd opinion when another company has told you that you need to replace your A/C and or Heater. Use it so you can plan on future replacements and start budgeting.  Use it to see what an upgrade would cost. No matter what you need let MD Air Conditioning and Heating give you a free estimate.

Up Front Pricing

At MD Air Conditioning and Heating we give you a price before we do a repair so that you are not SURPRISED when you get the bill. When you call us for service we will first diagnois your problem and then give you a price to repair that problem. With your permission we will then fix that problem. Of course,  in most situations we will want to make the repairs on the spot. But if the repairs are costly we understand if you might want a second opinion or may need to wait to complete the repairs.   

Competitive Prices

We strive to have competitive prices on all our repairs and replacements. We will always go  above beyond  and give you the extras the others leave out. We do not cut corners just to save a buck. Our work is quality and we back it up with a 30 day warranty.